M-80 Supercharged Chum - Freshwater Blend [5 Gallon Bucket]

M-80 Supercharged Chum - Freshwater Blend [5 Gallon Bucket]
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M-80 SUPERCHARGED CHUM is a secret blend of highly engineered ingedients designed to attract a wide variety of fish species.  The explosion of TNT Sparkle in M-80 SUPERCHARGED CHUM realistically imitates the shimmer of fish scales flashing as they fall through the water column.  The ultra-fine chum particles send out an irresistible scent cloud that'll drive 'em crazy!  The unmatched scent and shimmer of M-80 SUPERCHARGED CHUM simulates a concentrated bait ball and triggers a feeding frenzy, holding the fish and bait where you want them.  You've got to see it to believe it!  Whether you're chasing the biggest fish or cast netting for bait, M-80 SUPERCHARGED CHUM makes things happen in the water!

Size: 25 lb. bucket (Makes up to 50 lbs. of wet chum)

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