Our 7-day trip to the Dry Tortugas with The Boy Scouts was totally awesome and your M-80 Supercharged Chum helped to make it a success! I brought with me 4 different brands of freeze-dried chum and we tried them all. We gave them all a fair try, but I must say, your M-80 Supercharged Chum was by far the best for catching baitfish.

The M-80 Supercharged Chum did just that. They balled up quickly and stayed in a ball through the scoop. They stayed alive in our bait well all day long and we caught mega amounts of snapper all 4 days we fished.

Thanks for the samples. Let me know when I can stock up.


Captain Mike Trowbridge | Marathon, FL


M-80 Supercharged Chum, it’s the real deal!!!! You saw the fish we caught!! We had greenbacks all around the boat!


Kenny Suarez | Tampa, FL


It’s da bomb!! All the yellowtail u want! (Fishing the Florida Keys)


Kenny Suarez | Tampa, FL


Freshwater Blend looks good in the water too! I just put some out this morning - shiners and bluegills swarmed it!


Frank Sargeant | Contributor to Florida Sportsman

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